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(First passage from your handwritten drabble Bloom. Second passage I think is self-explanatory, lol).

Riza’s declining every bouquet of flowers he bought her had become a recurring joke in the past few years. They both know their relationship is a bit special and far from being simple. Yet, sometimes, Roy wants them to have some moments just for them, just Roy and Riza, just two people being together - and what’s more harmless than a bouquet casually brought ? Riza still says no, not only due to that phone call all this years ago (because I’m sure she asked him about it and laughed when he finally confessed he had A TON of flowers to get rid of at that time), but also because they’re not settled enough yet to allow themselves that kind of pleasures. Once their work is done, she’ll gladly accept them.
When they moved into the attic of an old building in East City, (they don’t have that much furniture and don’t really need a big flashy home) inconspicuously together yet hiding less than they used to (they’re may have been together for a time, but they still need to adjust to the fact that they’re freer than before when it comes using “us”), she firmly thought he would immediately buy enough vases to cover every available surface in their tiny but bright studio. Because Roy would keep on trying no matter what (Riza would be quite disappointed if he didn’t), and moving in would have been the perfect excuse. But he decided to go for something less meaningful not to impose anything on her- and because their home still needed some plants.

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